Steiner ShyHawk Pro 10x32

Steiner ShyHawk Pro 10x32

Steiner ShyHawk Pro 10x32

The 10x magnification and impressive lightness of just 600g offer true-to-life detail when observing at great distances. See even the slightest nuances in plumage with breathtaking detail.

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The Fast-Close-Focus lets you focus quickly with variable, dampened focussing. The XXL focussing wheel makes operation child’s play — even with gloves on. These binoculars were specially developed for the needs of birdwatchers. The ultralight, ergonomic design and practical thumb grips ensure that using the binoculars is always a comfortable experience — even on long expeditions in nature.

Protecting nature, securing the future

Steiner’s cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the UNESCO project “Schutzstation Wattenmeer” in Northern Germany and a number of other global conservation projects have resulted in the use of exclusively “green” eco-glass for lenses and prisms and hypoallergenic chloride-free rubbers. Glass refining takes place without arsenic, antimony or other harmful heavy metals.

Nitrogen pressure system using 1-way-valve technology

STEINER’s nitrogen pressure system with its unique 2-way-valve technology prevents fogging on the inside of the binoculars while keeping them pressure tight under water to a depth of 1 m. Moreover, this high-tech solution completely eliminates the possibility of condensation forming inside the binoculars. Even temperature fluctuations between -20 °C and +70 °C do not have any adverse effects on the functionality of nitrogen-filled STEINER binoculars. The unparalleled 2-way-valve technology makes it possible to inspect the binoculars even after a number of years. Your binoculars are always ready for action – even in the most extreme conditions. You can depend on the optical quality and precision for decades.

Twist-up eyecups

STEINER has developed its own eyecups with special, ergonomic side flaps to minimize stray light and the influence of wind. They make it possible to observe undisturbed even in sub-optimal conditions. The side flaps are made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone that comfortably fits the contours of the eye. They can be folded down as needed. The twist-up eyecups offer four different settings and make it easy for eyeglass wearers to find the right position so that they too can take advantage of the entire field of view.


The SkyHawk Pro series from STEINER offers top-notch performance for all types of wildlife and birdwatching. SkyHawk Pro’s new optics make it easier than ever to find, watch and identify the birds you are looking for. A large field of view for quickly locating the desired object and Fast-Close-Focus guarantee an unforgettable experience every time. The High-Contrast-Optics play a large role here – and only ECO-glass and multi-layered, high-tech coatings of high-grade metals and rare minerals are used in their production. The SkyHawk Pro series delivers the highest optical performance and true-to-life colour rendition even in very poor lighting conditions.

Fast-Close-Focus with XXL focussing wheel

STEINER’s unique Fast-Close-Focus with XXL focussing wheel brings objects into precise focus even if you are wearing gloves. This technology guarantees precise, comfortable and fast focussing of objects as close as two metres.

NBR-Longlife rubber armouring and thumb grips

A firm grip and non-slip surface is important – especially on long excursions. The new NBR-Longlife rubber composite perfectly combines excellent grip for comfort and the right hardness for lasting durability. The material is oil, acid and saltwater resistant. The comfortable thumb grips prevent fatigue and contribute to a perfect balance. You always have a firm grip on your SkyHawk Pro whether the conditions are hot, cold or wet.

ClicLoc strap attachment

With STEINER’s ingenious strap attachment your binoculars always remain firmly attached to the strap. Release and connect the strap in just one click.

Highly functional, rugged design

The entire SkyHawk Pro series is designed with a new glass fibre reinforced high-performance polymer. This material offers the greatest resistance to mechanical stresses compared to conventional synthetic materials and provides excellent protection of the optics in SkyHawk Pro binoculars.

Data sheet

  • Weight - 600 g
  • Height - 61 mm
  • Width - 122 mm
  • Length - 132 mm
  • Model number - 8024
  • Närgräns - 2,0 m
  • Objektiv - 32 mm
  • Förstoring - 10x
  • Synfält - n/a
  • Synfält 1000 m - 115 m
  • Ljusvärde - 10,20
  • Waterproof - Yes (1 m depth)
  • Utgångspupill - 3,2 mm
  • Skymningsfaktor - 17,9






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Steiner ShyHawk Pro 10x32

Steiner ShyHawk Pro 10x32

The 10x magnification and impressive lightness of just 600g offer true-to-life detail when observing at great distances. See even the slightest nuances in plumage with breathtaking detail.

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