• Active Outfit presents Freewater Pictures - Expedition Hauka


    Today we have the great pleasure to introduce the latest film from Freewater Pictures. Expedition Hauka is a true wilderness adventure guys heads far north to experience the wilderness of the untouched fjällandskapen.

  • New addition to the team - meet "Bambi"


    Today we have the privilege to introduce you to our newest (and best looking?) co-worker... "Bambi is a Land Rover Defender that we hope will take us closer to our customers and to many exciting places.

  • GoPro: New brand in the store


    Today we are proud to present GoPro as the latest addition to our wide range of leading brands. GoPro is the global market leader when it comes to action cameras and accessories, and it's easy to see why when you take a closer look. Read more!

  • Silva: New brand in the store


    Today we present Silva as the latest brand in our store. Silva offers headlamps, compasses, bicycle lights and a whole range of other outdoor products. It is a great joy for us to add yet another manufacturer of premium quality products to our wide range of great brands. Of course it is a bit of extra fun when we can add a new Swedish company to this list.

  • Riflescopes (Guide)


    This thourough guide will provide you with all the knowledge needed to make a great call on your next riflescope! The riflescope is probably the single most important part of your hunting gear (probably of greater importance even than your choice of rifle) and also one of the most costly, so it will be a wise decision to spend some time thinking it through.

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